Barking Up the Right Tree: Scalable Growth for A Multi-Location Veterinary Client

We supported scalable growth for a multi-location, nationwide veterinary client through our integrated digital strategy. Our program successfully generated over 6k new quality leads.


Our Approach

Growing leads consistently is how we measured success in this campaign.  

Helping individual veterinary locations see an increase in leads month over month ensures the franchise's continued growth.

Our continual learning and customized approach to each hospital locations in this pilot program was key to achieving this growth. It also resulted in efficient spend and a reduced cost per lead over the course of our 6 month pilot program. 

Strategy Breakdown

Our approach to scalable growth

The integrated strategy for each individual veterinary location resulted in some significant improvements and laid the foundation for future growth. Here are a few: 

Personalized Messaging & Targeting: For each individual veterinary location, we focused on personalized messaging and key location targeting to differentiate their services and ensure the most profitable use of budget.

Fully Integrated Strategy: The combination of strong website copy, Google Ad copy, and SEO keywords for each individual location helped to ensure that a targeted audience in need of veterinary care could connect easily and quickly with our client.

Network-Wide Learnings:  We applied key learnings to new locations for our program. This allowed several veterinary locations to launch with 45% decrease in set up time and increase of 16% more leads in the first month. 

Continuous Optimizations: We use a system of ad scheduling, audience targeting, and smart bidding in our ongoing campaign optimizations. We track local search activity and competition to align our campaigns with marketing interests and intent. 

Download the Full PDF Overview here. 


Services Provided

  • SEO & Keyword Audit 
  • Website Content & Meta Data Optimization
  • Google My Business Reviews Improvement Strategies
  • Paid Search Campaign
  • SEO Monitoring & Inbound Link Strategy
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Our integrated digital strategy is now being offered to 22 locations for this roll up veterinary client and growing fast! Our strategy can help your franchise reduce the cost per lead, increase conversions and grow your impact.

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