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echosims is a company that prides itself on positive culture, strong growth, motivation, and passion in all of the things we do in the digital marketing realm. Whether you work with echosims as one of our amazing clients, or you're a part of the team, there's no doubt in your mind that we care.

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Every member of the echosims team is passionate about what they do, especially when it's working with our clients. Join our team of driven individuals.

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Jeff Horst

Managing Partner

I love my "job"! Every day I'm reminded of how blessed I am to work with such amazing people. The echosims team and clients inspire me to reach for greatness.

Matt Martin


My passion is being part of a team that encourages growth, greatness and personal fulfillment. I'm proud of the positive impact we have on each other and our clients.

Jordanna Errey

Production Manager

Being a member of the echosims team motivates me to continuously expand my professional and interpersonal skills.

Kyle Gellatly

Associate Paid Campaign Lead

This team I tell you. Highly focused, talented individuals, all with so much love for one another. It's something so special, and something I'm so grateful to be a part of.

Lauren Dixon

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Manar El Mugammar

Director of Operations

I love working with our echosims family of high performers. Individual commitment is what makes our team work so well. I am inspired every day to pursue greatness.

Maria Legault

Project Coordinator

I am grateful to be working with people who bring out my most authentic self. Plus, I am inspired daily by the strength of our shared goal to achieve growth for clients.

Mary Housego

Paid Campaign Coordinator

Working with this team everyday inspires me to challenge myself and create new ideas. I'm so grateful to be a part of the echosims family.

Matt Etmanskie

Paid Campaign Lead

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. It's a pleasure to work with our team of champions in growing the businesses of our clients.

Alex Preddie

Account Manager

The best word to describe echosims is ‘growth’. Growth for our clients, our team and ourselves. We never stop looking for ways to improve.

Alisha Popowich

Digital Project Coordinator

Devon Bate

SEO Strategist

Drew-Launa Pietrowski


Working with the echosims family, seeing and contributing to the values and compassion we offer our clients and each other is nothing short of inspirational!

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