We take our work seriously;

ourselves... not so much

  • Matt Martin bio picture mobile

    Matt Martin


    The smarts to know what really matters.

    Matt expands the horizons of echosims and ensures its integrated marketing and technological solutions are on the leading edge.

  • Jeff Horst bio picture mobile

    Jeff Horst

    Business Dev. Manager

    The connections to bring the right people together.

    Jeff works to understand individual business needs and develops realistic, working strategies for sustainable growth.

  • Jordanna Pendon bio picture mobile

    Jordanna Pendon

    Project Manager

    The efficiency to do it on time & on budget.

    Jordanna is passionate about building strong relationships with clients and managing each project to meet goals and expectations. Marketing graduate of Conestoga College.

  • Lesley Warren bio picture mobile

    Lesley Warren

    Creative Director

    The passion to push artistic boundaries.

    As a seasoned graphic designer, Lesley believes in purposeful design, committed to creating pieces that are sophisticated, well thought-out, clearly communicated and strategically focused.

  • Brian Limoyo bio picture mobile

    Brian Limoyo

    Chief Photographer

    Telling stories of people and companies through his photographs.

    Brian creates engaging photography content that delivers a strong narrative and clear message. He has learnt in his 15 years of experience as a commercial photographer, its not just excelling at photography techniques, creativity, great gear, or even talent that makes you a successful photographer. Being a great communicator and understanding how your images fit into the greater scheme of things, thats when you start cooking with gas.